Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015 at The Essence of Movement

Here are some of the classes The Essence of Movement is offering this Fall:

Tuesdays, beginning September 22nd at 6 pm
Restorative Yoga
Relaxation for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Wednesdays, beginning September 23rd at 6 pm
Gentle evening Hatha Class

Thursdays, beginning September 24th at 6 pm
Ayurveda Class
What is Ayurveda?

The word comes from the Sanskrit terms ayur (life) and veda (knowledge). Join Edie as she introduces you to this 5000 year old system of healing the body, mind, and spirit. Learn how to take some of the principles of Ayurveda and integrate them into your daily life.

For more information or to register, please email

Winter Schedule 2012

Greetings of the Season. As Winter settles upon us, there are new classes happening at The Essence Of Movement.

Restorative Yoga has been so popular that we are adding more classes. Please see the Winter Schedule for a class to suit your day and time.

I am blessed to be a part of Yoga By The Sea, where I will be teaching Restorative Yoga classes on Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoons.

Yoga For Golfers™ will be at the The Essence Of Movement Studio on Wednesdays, starting January 11th. We will offer a daytime class and an evening class. For those who have never tried Yoga For Golfers™, we will offer a one time only drop-in class the first week; you must preregister as a drop-in student.

To register for any of the upcoming classes please contact the Studio.

Wishing you all a season filled with peace, love and joy.

New Fall 2011 Schedule

Warmest Summer greetings. I hope you are enjoying your summer. There are several new classes (as well as the popular classes) for the Fall at The Essence of Movement, Pilates, Yoga, Wellness Studio.

Pilates with Props

Mondays and Thursdays 5:15 PM, starting September 12th
This class incorporates various small pieces of Pilates equipment while still following the mat repertoire. The class is fun, invigorating and challenging.

Restorative Yoga

Tuesdays 6:30 PM, starting September 13th
Life is very busy for most of us, and we are left at the end of the day feeling stressed and depleted. This gentle restorative yoga class will help to calm you, ease aches and pains, and leave you feeling grounded. There is no experience with Yoga needed to enjoy this relaxing class.

Yoga For Golfers™

Wednesdays 6:00 PM, starting September 7th for 10 weeks at Trail Bay Centre Mall
This class will improve flexibility and strength. Enhance breathing awareness, while teaching rhythm and tempo in the golf swing. Quiet the mind, increasing concentration and visualization capabilities, Improve overall fitness, reduce the the risk of injury and recovery time. Increase sense of balance, more effective club control and weight distribution. Remember your body doesn’t get a Mulligan!

Living Yoga

Saturday October 1st 10:00AM, and all non-Thanksgiving Sundays in October 10:00AM
This 30 day journey will expand your knowledge of Yoga and the history of Yoga. Learn how to bring Yoga into your daily life.

Holistic Yoga

Mondays and Thursdays 6:30 PM starting September 12th.
This Yoga class follows the eight limbs of Yoga—the Royal Path. Bring calmness, peace and serenity to your life with this class.

Unless otherwise stated all classes are at The Essence of Movement Studio.

Please be advised that there is limited enrolment in the classes. To register for any the classes, please call Edie at 604.740.7749.

Fall Schedule to be Announced Soon!

The Essence of Movement will announce its new fall schedule soon. Stay tuned for details.

New Studio Offerings Beginning March 14th

The Essence of Movement is happy to announce that March 14th will see the addition of new Pilates and Yoga classes in the studio. They are as follows:

Pilates Equipment Trio Class: 2 classes available

Workouts on the Reformer, V2 Max Reformer, Stability Chair, and Mat, and Barrels. This is done in a series of circuits. This class offers affordability as you share the cost with 2 other people. Do you have 2 friends that are interested in Pilates Equipment classes?

Yoga Class:

Bring calm and peace to your evening (and the next day) Conversations gravitated towards eight core areas with participants offering up a broad range of helpful thoughts and suggestions on the roles and how the sector can move forward. with our Holistic Yoga Class. Focus is on the Breath (Prananyama), the Asanas (exercises or postures), Savasana (relaxation), and Meditation.

If you don”t see a class or time that suits you, please contact the studio.

Remember to register soon, as spaces fill up quickly.

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