New Studio Offerings Beginning March 14th

The Essence of Movement is happy to announce that March 14th will see the addition of new Pilates and Yoga classes in the studio. They are as follows:

Pilates Equipment Trio Class: 2 classes available

Workouts on the Reformer, V2 Max Reformer, Stability Chair, and Mat, and Barrels. This is done in a series of circuits. This class offers affordability as you share the cost with 2 other people. Do you have 2 friends that are interested in Pilates Equipment classes?

Yoga Class:

Bring calm and peace to your evening (and the next day) Conversations gravitated towards eight core areas with participants offering up a broad range of helpful thoughts and suggestions on the roles and how the sector can move forward. with our Holistic Yoga Class. Focus is on the Breath (Prananyama), the Asanas (exercises or postures), Savasana (relaxation), and Meditation.

If you don”t see a class or time that suits you, please contact the studio.

Remember to register soon, as spaces fill up quickly.

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